Estetic medicine

At our workplace, we offer a full range of services in the field of aesthetic medicine. We use, among others, the following substances:


It is actually a filler, the body’s own filling material and substance, therefore the application is very safe. The advantage is that it binds water to itself and thus hydrates the tissue. This filler can be used not only to improve the appearance of lips by increasing their volume, but it can also be applied to the facial area – to model contours, correct wrinkles or to replenish lost volume. The HA applied in this way is then gradually broken down by the body, so the effect is temporary, most often around half a year.


The patient’s blood is taken, it is then processed by centrifugation in a special device and fibrin rich in platelets, which contain growth factors, is separated. I-PRF is applied to the subcutaneous tissue of the face to improve the quality of the subcutaneous tissue. As a result, the skin is more elastic, more vital and the signs of aging are delayed. To get the best result, it is optimal to repeat the procedure every six months.


A substance that temporarily blocks the nerve function, it lasts for approximately half a year. The muscle that is controlled by this nerve then “relaxes” and the wrinkle caused by the contraction of this muscle is smoothed out. This is an extremely safe method. The nerve gradually restores its function, so it is necessary to restore the effect after a given time (usually 4-6 months) by re-application.